Unwavering Advocacy In Criminal Defense

Consequences for Professional Licenses

Your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)

Minor traffic offenses (driving without insurance or careless driving) will harm your right to drive for a living.  Make sure you are represented early in the process for any traffic violation or a DWI. The Department of Public Safety has strict standards and a vast bureaucracy to wade through. An attorney retained early in the process can help save your right to drive. Jennifer Pradt has helped thousands of drivers throughout her career.

DHS and Health and Human Services

Day care workers, nurses, home health care aides, personal care attendants, teachers, psychologists, licensed social workers, and other professionals depend on their professional licenses to make a living. Attorney Jennifer Pradt can advise and defend professionals facing license revocations or disciplinary proceedings from alleged misconduct.

Many misdemeanors have consequences for your license. Make sure you have an attorney that can navigate the legal system and help you stay licensed. For nurses or PCAs, even a first time DWI or Disorderly Conduct can have negative consequences.

Don’t wait until investigators call. It’s essential that you begin defending your rights with an attorney.

Are You a Nurse Facing Criminal Charges?

If you are a nurse being accused of violating ethical standards at work or facing criminal allegations, seek legal assistance as soon as possible. Everything you have worked for can be lost based on the Minnesota Nursing Board’s recommendations. A career you love can be taken away by DHS and the Nursing Board. An aggressive defense and corrective measures can protect your career.

The Law Office of Jennifer Pradt is experienced in counseling nurses facing any allegations. This is a battle on two fronts: legal and administrative. There can be criminal penalties and what happens in court will impact what you face with the Nursing Board.

Defending Nurses Before the Minnesota Nursing Board

If your nursing license is being threatened for any reason, you are likely concerned your career may be at risk or years of hard work could be undone. Here are some common charges that can impact your career:

  • DWI at any level
  • Drug Crimes
  • Domestic Assault
  • Stealing prescription drugs
  • Poor work performance
  • HIPAA violations and other ethical violations

The Minnesota Nursing Board handles license revocations or disciplinary proceedings from alleged personal or professional misconduct. This is a particularized and complex area of the law involving criminal and administrative law.

Recent Victories

  • Dismissal of Child Pornography Charge, State v. Desjarlait
  • State v. Klonowski, Not Guilty by Jury, 1st Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct
  • State v. Prater, Not Guilty by Jury, 1st Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct, 3rd Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct
  • State v. Himes, Not Guilty by Jury, 1st Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct
  • State v. Boimah, dismissal, 3rd Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct
  • State v. Smith, Not Guilty, 1st Degree Criminal Damage
  • State v. Peterson, Not Guilty, Felony Domestic Assault
  • State v. Johnson, Not Guilty by Jury, Felony Auto Theft
  • State v. Pouirrer, Not Guilty by Jury, Felony Domestic by Strangulation and Felony Domestic
  • State v. Kruse, Not Guilty by Jury, Domestic Assault
  • Juvenile Case, Dismissal of 1st Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct