Unwavering Advocacy In Criminal Defense

When You are Accused of Assaulting a Child

“Malicious Punishment of a Child”

Attorney Jennifer Pradt offers personal representation to protect you. DO NOT think that law enforcement, the prosecutor or the judge look out for your interests. Instead, enlist the help of an attorney who knows how to protect your future. Call 651-243-7030 for a free consultation and find out how she can help.

When You are Facing Allegations of Sexual Abuse

If you are dealing with false accusations that involve or could involve any type of sex act, take action quickly. Your reputation, criminal record, and your relationship with your child are all on the line. Accusations of sexual conduct mean potential charges. If found guilty, you risk having to register as a sex offender for the rest of your life. Do not wait to obtain quality representation as soon as possible. The best way to protect yourself and preserve your rights is to partner with a proven criminal defense attorney.

Time is Crucial Right After an Arrest. Call Now.

Being arrested and charged is frightening. It is normal to feel alone and afraid when you are thinking about what will happen next. Attorney Jennifer Pradt is here to help. She will step in and provide the advocacy you need in these serious charges. Call her St. Paul office at 651-243-7030. If your matter is not urgent, you can also send her an email or request a consultation by using the contact form. She serves clients throughout the greater Twin Cities metropolitan area.