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Getting Out of Jail After a Weekend DWI

The pain of a DWI arrest begins immediately. A weekend arrest can mean that you sit in a jail cell – unable to post bail – until Monday morning. Often the bail is not set, and you are just waiting for a hearing.

An arrest during the work week can mean spending two or more days in jail before you get your first hearing with a judge. The Law Office of Jennifer L. Pradt is a criminal defense firm with a solid Minnesota DWI practice. Call Jennifer Pradt for a free consultation or to arrange for immediate legal assistance at 651-243-7030.

What is Likely to Happen

Every case is different and how you are treated can vary based on the circumstances related to your arrest. In some cases, an arrest can lead to you being held in a secured detox facility for 72 hours or more.

If your friend, family member, or loved one is in jail waiting for bail to be set, you can use the help of an experienced DWI defense attorney. Attorney Jennifer Pradt works over the weekend to help you and your family get the information and help you need to get out of the lockup.

On The Weekend

When you or a loved one is being held in custody attorney Pradt can file a writ for immediate release, even on a weekend. For clients who are being held in jail waiting for a bail, she can contact a judge, and in some cases, either obtain an outright release or get bail set so that the person can go home.

Having someone  sit in jail for days  if they are under arrest for DWI can be prevented. You just need to know what to do and how to properly do it. Attorney Pradt has handled hundreds of DWIs and knows this process exceedingly well.

Do Not Waste Time

Call 651-243-7030 for a consultation and help getting released. Jennifer Pradt is an accomplished defense attorney who can get you out of jail so that you are able to move forward with your family, job and life. Call or send an online inquiry to her at the firm. Located in St. Paul, Jennifer represents DWI clients throughout the entire Twin Cities metro area. Your consultation with Jennifer is free of charge.